Wizard Modern Classic II


100 watt - 5695.00 USD

50 watt - 5295.00 USD


From the renowned versatility and tone of the WIZARD MODERN CLASSIC, Wizard proudly announces the WIZARD MODERN CLASSIC II a.k.a. “MC II” all tube amplifier.

Two inputs (high and low sensitivity) ideal for amplifier ganging

The MC II expands control to the Rhythm Channel with the addition of higher gain and a Rhythm Master control ranging from soft and smooth in character to tight and in your face vintage tones.

The Lead Gain and Lead Master channel is carried over from the Modern Classic.

Overall tone and color are emphasized with the addition of a Contour control.

Rear panel mounted Rhythm Bright and Lead Bright controls allow for custom tayloring individual channel darkness.

Foot-switching channel select capabilities take you from Vintage clean to Modern high gain with extended bottom end response.

Foot-switchable Lead Boost and Rhythm Boost

Foot-switchable tube buffered effect loop

Two inputs (high and low sensitivity)
Rhythm Gain with Pull-Rhythm Boost
Rhythm Master
Lead Gain with Pull-Channel Select
Lead Master with Pull-Lead Boost
Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Contour controls

4-8-16 ohm impedance

E34L powered 50 and 100 watt models

Black or Gold graphics

Dimensions: 27" Wide - 10.5" High - 9" Deep

Weight: 44 Pounds / 50 watt or 56 Pounds / 100 watt





Wizard MCII KT-150