Wizard Vintage Classic


100 watt - 4295.00 USD

50 watt - 3895.00 USD

    The tonal signature of the WIZARD VINTAGE CLASSIC is reminiscent of the mid-sixties British tube amps. Two channels, one top-boosted and one for rhythm. Four inputs (high and low sensitivity per channel) are ideal for cross-patching, either for channel blending or amplifier ganging.
    The pre-amp section is simple and straight ahead, with only enough gain to drive the output stage to full saturation. At maximum output, the harmonic content is smooth and rich and the feel is punchy and full. Reducing the output produces a pure, clean tone.
    Volume I (High Treble), Volume II (Rhythm), Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls.
    4-8-16 ohm impedance.

    E34L powered 50, and 100 watt models.

    Black or Gold graphics.

    Dimensions: 27" Wide - 10.5" High - 9" Deep.
    Weight: 44 Pounds / 50 watt or 52 Pounds / 100 watt.
    Available in a 2x12" combo.