Wizard "MTL"


100 watt - 4895.00 USD

50 watt - 4495.00 USD

    Responding to overwhelming requests WIZARD proudly announces the WIZARD "MTL" all tube amplifier.
    Two inputs (high and low sensitivity) ideal for amplifier ganging.

    Foot-switching channel select capabilities take you from vintage clean to modern high gain, extending the overall bottom end tightness with a Depth control. Rhythm Gain with Pull-Rhythm Boost and Rhythm Master, ranging from soft and smooth in character to tight and in your face vintage tones.

    Added Saturation control in the Lead section and Foot-switchable Lead Boost enhances an already agressive high gain experience while the Bright control adds independant color control to the Lead channel.

    A Pull-Shift for Metal Scoop has been added on the Lead Master control.

    Two inputs (high and low sensitivity),
    Rhythm Gain with Pull-Rhythm Boost,
    Rhythm Master,
    Lead Gain with Pull-Channel Select,
    Saturation with manual and Foot-switchable Lead Boost,
    Lead Master with Pull-Shift,
    Lead Bright (Rhythm Bright on rear panel)
    Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Depth controls. 4-8-16 ohm impedance.

    Foot-switchable tube buffered effect loop

    E34L powered 50 and 100 watt models. Black or Gold graphics.
    Dimensions: 27" Wide - 10.5" High - 9" Deep.

    Weight: 44 Pounds / 50 watt or 52 Pounds / 100 watt.

    Available in a 2x12" combo.