100 watt - 5695.00 USD

50 watt - 5295.00 USD


    The tonal signature of the WIZARD ROCK STANDARD is reminiscent of the Vintage US / British tube amps of the 60's & 70's "Rock" era.

    Twin input, single channel with a simple post tone Master volume.

    Hi Input for maximum gain and Lo Input for clean and Vintage 60's work.

    Bright control for global top end shaping.

    Added Sweep control and Pull-Shift for added tone carving.

    3 position mini toggle for Vintage US or UK tone shaping.

    Depth control for widening low end response.

    This amp is very pedal friendly and a great base for overdrive and distortion pedals.

    The added Effect Loop is Foot-Switchable and ideal for modulation effects and pedals.

    Volume, Master Volume, Bright, Sweep, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, and Depth control.
    4-8-16 ohm impedance

    E34L powered 50, and 100 watt models

    Black or Gold graphics

    Dimensions: 27" Wide - 10.5" High - 9" Deep

    Weight: 44 Pounds / 50 watt or 56 Pounds / 100 watt